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TRIOS Care and TRIOS Only Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




Commercial terms & cancellation


Extended Warranty & Express Replacement

Academy Points




Software Updates & new features

Warranty & Replacement


CliniCare vs. TRIOS Care

Conversion process and subscription eligibility

Warranty Coverage



Q: Which scanners can be bought with TRIOS Care?

A: All scanners and setups in the current TRIOS portfolio can be acquired with TRIOS Care; this includes TRIOS 3 Basic, TRIOS 3, TRIOS 3 Wireless, and TRIOS 4. MOVE+ bases and PODs are also covered as part of TRIOS Care, but 3rd party PCs are not. 


Q: What TRIOS Software is licensed with TRIOS Care? 

A: Software included in the scanner purchase is licensed as part of TRIOS Care. For example, upon purchase of a TRIOS 3 Wireless, the TRIOS Scanning software, as well as 3Shape Engagement Apps, will be included. Upon purchase of a TRIOS 3 Basic, the TRIOS Scanning software will be included. Other software, e.g. Studio and Ortho apps that are sold and priced separately, are not part of the TRIOS Care license. 

Q: Which geographical regions is TRIOS Care available for?

A: TRIOS Care and TRIOS Only are available globally. Local variations in replacement speed apply (see Extended Warranty and Express Replacement).

Commercial terms & cancellation

Q: Is the first year included in the purchase of the scanner?

A: Yes, the first year of TRIOS Care is currently included in the purchase price of the scanner for new TRIOS customers.

Q: Is pricing on TRIOS Care different for TRIOS 3 Basic?

A: No. The price is the same for all scanners. 

Q: Can I buy multiple years of TRIOS Care up front? 

A: No, the billing options are annual and monthly. 

Q: What is the policy for downgrading from TRIOS Care to TRIOS Only?

A: After the first 9 months of the first (free) year on TRIOS Care, you can request a downgrade. The TRIOS Care subscription will then remain active until the end of your current contract period (the renewal date). After the first year, you can choose to request a downgrade at any time, which will be activated when your current contract period is over. 


Q: Is it free to downgrade? 

A: Yes.


Q: What happens if a subscription is not paid?

A: Subscriptions that fail to be renewed or are not actively downgraded to TRIOS Only, will have their licenses revoked, resulting in a lack of access to the TRIOS scanning software.


Q: How can I request a downgrade to TRIOS Only?

A: If your contract is with a reseller, please reach out to your reseller. If you are a direct customer with 3Shape, you can view and update your subscription through our eCommerce platform.  

Q: Can I terminate/cancel my subscription? 

A: Yes, subscriptions can be canceled with immediate effect, but please be aware that this will revoke your access to the TRIOS scanning software on your device. If you would still like to use the scanner, our free scan-ready service agreement TRIOS Only is recommended. In the case of cancellation, the subscription fee will not be refunded. To terminate a license, please contact our sales team.



Q: Who do I reach out to for support as a TRIOS Care customer?

A: You may always reach out to 3Shape for support. Please go to to see your options for contacting us.

Extended Warranty & Express Replacement

Q: How does the 5-year warranty work and can it be extended?

A: TRIOS Care subscribers have an extended warranty on the TRIOS System registered for TRIOS Care for up to five years from the first registration date of the new scanner through the Dental Desktop/Unite sign-up flow. If TRIOS Care is canceled during the five years, the warranty is also forfeited; the same applies if the customer chooses to downgrade to TRIOS Only, which does not include warranty. Should the customer decide to re-enter TRIOS Care, the warranty will be reactivated and continue until the scanner is five years old. The extended warranty expires five years after initial registration of the scanner, regardless of the customer having a TRIOS Only subscription or having had an inactive scanner for any period during said five years.

The warranty includes the full TRIOS system acquired, i.e. including the MOVE+ if applicable, and a "full risk insurance", meaning that 3Shape will replace up to three pieces of hardware that are accidentally damaged by the user.

The warranty cannot be extended beyond five years.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for TRIOS Care for exact coverage under the warranty program.  Please note variations for users converting from CliniCare to TRIOS Care in the separate section in this document.

Q: Is the laptop included in the warranty?

A: No. The laptop is covered under the laptop manufacturer warranty.

Q: What is ‘Express Replacement’?

A: We target that our users receive a replacement or loaner scanner less than 48 hours after approval of a warranty case. Initially, this applies to most European countries*, US, Canada, and China. We are continuously working towards widening the coverage of express replacement to more geographies.  In all other markets, expected repair and replacement speeds remain as before and may be affected by factors outside 3Shape’s control, including but not limited to, customs clearance, last-mile transport, and cross-docking with 3Shape resellers.

*European countries covered include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales


Q: What type of replacement can I expect to get?

A: Most replacements will be with a similar scanner in a refurbished condition; however, regulations in certain jurisdictions require us to repair the original scanner. In these cases, we will strive to provide a loaner scanner during the repair process.

Academy Points

Q: How do the "Academy Points" work? 

A: When registering for TRIOS Care, you will receive an e-mail containing a voucher and a link to the 3Shape Academy’s booking system. Here you can choose a preferred training type and time slot.

Q: What kind of training can be redeemed with the Academy points?

A: Online, customized, 1-on-1 training between 30 and 60 minutes. The topics to be covered are entirely up to you, but we are happy to help you along. These trainings will be very useful for users regardless of their experience with TRIOS or other IOS’. 

Q: What if I don’t use the points?

A: Training points and vouchers remain valid and can be accumulated over the years as a subscriber. If you choose to downgrade to TRIOS Only, without having used all of your points, they will still be valid. 


Q: What are the requirements for obtaining the discount on the subscription for additional TRIOS scanners?

A: When multiple scanners are associated with the same 3Shape Account, the discount will be applied.  All scanners to be included in the discount program must be registered to TRIOS Care.



Q: Can I get TRIOS Only immediately? 

A: To get our users off to a good start with TRIOS, 3Shape offers the first year of TRIOS Care included in the purchase price of all new TRIOS Scanners. You will have the opportunity to downgrade to TRIOS Only from the last three months of the first year and any time thereafter.  

Q: Which scanners work with TRIOS Only?

A: All scanners and setups in the current TRIOS portfolio can be used with TRIOS Only: TRIOS 3 Basic, TRIOS 3, TRIOS 3 Wireless, and TRIOS 4. 

Q: What TRIOS Software is licensed with TRIOS Only? 

A: Software that is included in the scanner purchase is licensed as part of TRIOS Only. For example, upon purchase of a TRIOS 3 Wireless, the TRIOS Scanning software, as well as 3Shape Engagement Apps, will be included. Upon purchase of a TRIOS 3 Basic, the TRIOS Scanning software will be included. Other software, e.g. Studio and Ortho apps, that are sold and priced separately are not part of the TRIOS Only license. 

The software may at a later point be limited to not include new features that are made available only to TRIOS Care subscribers.

Q: If I have two scanners, can I have TRIOS Care on one and TRIOS Only on the other?

A: This is not recommended. The scanners should have the same service agreement associated to ensure smooth operation of features, support, training, warranty, and more. For the same reason, we also offer a discount on the second scanner’s TRIOS Care subscription. 

Q: What are the requirements to upgrade to TRIOS Care again?

A: None. You can upgrade from TRIOS Only to TRIOS Care at any time at no other cost than the price of TRIOS Care. Eligibility will be evaluated in the case of an ongoing support case. 

Software Updates & new features

Q: Will the software still be updated? 

A: Yes. Updates to the TRIOS software are included in TRIOS Only, so you will benefit from continuous improvements to existing features.

Warranty & Replacement

Q: Will extended warranty and replacement be available as a separate offer, without subscribing to TRIOS Care?

A: No. Extended warranty and express replacement is only offered as part of the TRIOS Care subscription. 

Q: What are my options as a TRIOS Only customer if my scanner breaks?

A: TRIOS Only subscribers may call 3Shape or their reseller’s support agents and receive an offer for repair or replacement of the broken scanner, or an offer for a new scanner.

Conversion to TRIOS Care for Existing Customers 

CliniCare vs. TRIOS Care

Q: Can I convert from CliniCare to TRIOS Care?

 A: Yes. All CliniCare subscribers (invoiced as "TRIOS Software" in some form) can convert to TRIOS Care. The availability depends on the expiry of your current license; see Conversion process and subscription eligibility.

Q: What additional benefits will I get as a CliniCare customer, when changing to TRIOS Care?

A: When converting to TRIOS Care, you can enjoy the five years of extended warranty including the drop insurance (from the original scanner registration date). This is an improvement of 2 or 4 years of coverage compared to previous offerings (1-year limited warranty and 3-Year Extended Warranty & Replacement respectively). TRIOS Care also covers MOVE+ systems, which have previously been covered only by a 1-year guarantee. As part of the improved warranty, users that convert will also benefit from free shipping globally in repair/replacement cases and express replacement in selected regions.
TRIOS Care provides training vouchers that give access to one hour of free 1-on-1 training for members each year, as well as the opportunity to obtain a 25% discount on subscriptions for additional scanners. Lastly, switching to TRIOS Care will also provide the option to move to TRIOS Only, our free scan-ready service agreement.

Conversion process and subscription eligibility

Q: How can I request a change from CliniCare to TRIOS Care?

A: You can make a request directly to your reseller, who will register the request with 3Shape. 

Q: How will I experience the shift in subscription plans?

A: You will receive a message to accept the TRIOS Care Terms & Conditions in your Dental Desktop/Unite software upon restart. If you already have a 3Shape Account, you should simply sign in with that account. If not, you will have to create a 3Shape Account as part of the "sign up flow" before registering for TRIOS Care – it takes only a few minutes.  See here for how to create a 3Shape Account.

Q: What is required of the software?

 A: You must be upgraded to the latest version of Unite/Dental Desktop.  

Q: Can all CliniCare subscribers change to TRIOS Care?

 A: Yes, but there are certain differences in the timing of availability.
By license expiration date:

  1. Users with less than 12 months left on their CliniCare license can be converted at the earliest 45 days before renewal of their existing CliniCare subscription. 
  2. Users with more than 12 months left on their CliniCare subscription can be converted at any time. Upon conversion, there will be an up-front payment of the difference between the TRIOS Care price and what has been pre-paid for CliniCare. Users with less than 24 months will have their renewal date aligned to 24 months after the conversion date. Users with more than 24 months until expiry will keep their current expiration date. 


Q: What are the downgrade rules for users converted from CliniCare to TRIOS Care?

A: The same as for new sales except for a 24-month commitment. In the last 90 days of the 24-month period, you can downgrade directly to TRIOS Only. Following this period, you can request a downgrade at any time without additional charges, which will then be activated once your current contract period is complete. 

Q: Will there be any costs associated with a switch from CliniCare to TRIOS Care?

A: Only the price difference between the two subscriptions. There are no "conversion fees", "upgrade fees", etc. 

Warranty Coverage

Q: My warranty is no longer in effect, will I still be covered under warranty if I convert to TRIOS Care?  

A: Yes. All scanners covered by TRIOS Care will benefit from five years of coverage from the original purchase date.  For example, if you acquired the scanner on the 1st of December 2019, an upgrade to TRIOS Care will provide warranty coverage up until the 30th of November 2024 if the TRIOS Care subscription is paid.


Q: When exactly does the 5-year warranty count from?

A: The warranty starts from your original purchase date. If your contract is handled by a reseller, we might not have this data in our system; in this case, we will use the purchase date from 3Shape to the reseller. 3Shape will be happy to correct this upon provision of proof of your purchase date (e.g. original invoice).


Q: Will the TRIOS Care warranty for converted customers expand to include more products? 

A: No. TRIOS Care warranty still covers TRIOS 3 Basic, TRIOS 3, TRIOS 4, POD, and MOVE+. Users with other scanners and systems (e.g. TRIOS 1/2, CART, and MOVE) are still eligible to upgrade to TRIOS Care to receive the remaining benefits of the subscription, but their systems will not be covered by TRIOS Care warranty regardless of age.


Contact 3Shape Support if you have further questions.

For full information on correct usage please consult the official Safety and Setup Guide and the most current Manual

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